Auto Electrics

All auto-electrical work undertaken, from blowing fuses & wiring repairs through to starting & charging problems, central locking issues and more.

We can also manufacture complete wiring looms for one off cars and custom motorcycles.

Charging & Starting

We can check for all of your starting and charging problems, carrying out power drain tests on the vehicle to assess if something is flattening your battery, check voltage and current rates of alternator charge systems, and current draw of starter motors, to ensure we are fitting the correct parts.

A GOOD battery in modern vehicles is vital, with many electrical systems shutting down when a low voltage is detected, and risk of ECU damage whilst 'jump starting'. Vehicle batteries supplied and fitted, often preserving memory devices such as Radio Codes and window position memories.

Central Locking & Openings

Central locking not working correctly? Boot lid not opening? On a lot of cars it takes just one door locking actuator to fail and none of the others will respond. With the right equipment, these faults can usually be rectified both quickly, and affordably.
Electric windows, sunroofs and convertible roofs often stop working, sometimes just a simple wiring fault or a motor fault.

We can test all the componants, switches, motors and door control modules, sometimes these just need a software reset.